Genomics of Outbreaks

Population genomics of outbreaks in an emerging model system – neutral and adaptive evolution in spruce bark beetle


We are happy to say that Julia Morales will join the lab in September to start her PhD.  Julia, we are looking forward to welcoming you in Kraków!


It was the last day for Ola in the lab today. She is starting a new job tomorrow. Ola, you did an amazing job in the lab with DNA extractions, library preparations, kits testing and many many more! Thank you and good luck with future adventures!


It has been a very difficult field season. Lost packages, delayed shipping, dead beetles, unfriendly weather, all in the middle of pandemic…   However, thanks to Ola Bednarz and all our amazing collaborators in the filed, we managed to sample and extracted DNA from >1000 beetles from 18 populations across Europe!  THANK YOU! 

We are almost ready to sequence the first batch of our data!

All the beautiful photos of trees and beetles were provided by Gilles San Martin.